About Us

About Us

If you ever wanted to have a warm and cuddly Pure Breed cat companion in the house you are in the right place!!!

We are Terrebonne based cattery called BRITISH ROYALTY!
We have wonderful Pure Breed Scottish fold and Scottish straight kittens, and British Shorthair and Longhair kittens, registered in CCA-AFC and TICA.
All our kittens are very high quality!!!
We will be happy to help you find your new best friend!!!
Best Regards

 Yuliya Sauchanka

Note about British Royalty Cattery history

My Dear Friends, Subscribers and Parents of our kittens! All those who have followed our achievements for years and rejoiced at each new baby. You know that I, Yuliya Sauchanka, started a Facebook page in 2017 to support an existing cattery (registered with the CCA since 2016), and was responsible for the entire administrative part, and was also a breeder registered with the CCA without my own cattery. In January 2018, I became a co-owner of the cattery.

You saw that our babies were the best in their breed and we strived to create the best service for you. This part of the work was completely mine, as were most of the CCA documents and all contracts that were drawn up. I was very happy to see that you really like my work and every time I was very grateful for any positive feedback. The size of the cattery increased and the responsibilities assigned to me, as a companion, increased every day as well. Among other things, I also had my own kittens being born, and some had to be fed instead of a mother-cat + follow all the schedules of veterinary visits / photo reports, and of course, work on the page to remind about sending kittens to new parents by the car or by the cargo, or do the shipping on my own. And all of this was part of my responsibilities, in addition to my family life. Therefore, when Olena Shevchenko joined us and took over almost 50% of the administrative work, I was very grateful!
But, as always, when a certain triangle is formed, be it a business or a personal relationship, something always begins, or rather, ends. In our case, my work has ended in this cattery. Olena and I requested our departure from the cattery on July 5, 2021 and CCA board of directors have accepted it the same day. It took the remaining owner of the cattery over a week to confirm our departure. Finally it was done om July 13,2021.

Starting on that day we are solely operating as new, independent catteries: British Royalty (Yuliya Sauchanka) and British Crown (Olena Shevchenko)

I will continue to keep our high standards:

  • Exceptionally high quality animals with excellent pedigrees
  • Registration of kittens in CCA-AFC
  • Compulsory vaccination (2 or 3 times)
  • Deworming
  • Microchipping
  • Mandatory sterilization before meeting new parents
  • Leaving cattery at 12-16 weeks of age, depending on post vaccination and post surgical recovery time
  • A signed contract with a new name for the cattery for the purchase of a kitten, indicating the rights and obligations of the parties
    (The contracts of all existing and past clients remain in force, in direct accordance with the breeder specified in the contract)
  • Genetic health guarantee for 1 year
  • Starter Kit for New Owners

Olena Shevchenko has opened her own BRITISH CROWN CATTERY !!!
Our catteries have been cooperating in the past and will continue to do so in the future, and you will be able to see the result of our work on our Facebook page!!! We have a lot of new plans and I hope you will appreciate our work!

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