Waiting List

Waiting List

Waiting List for British Royalty & British Crown Catteries

Many of our customers want to be added to a waiting list for our new litters. In order for us to facilitate this process and to make sure that the customers are serious, we are introducing a waiting list.
Please note that this waiting list is for the kittens sold as pets only. They will be neutered before rehoming.

This waiting list has two components:
1. A form that needs to be filled out with your details and the details of the kitten you are interested in.
Breed – British/Scottish
Kitten Color/Color Variation that interests you
(different color preferences: at least 5, otherwise the waiting time becomes too long)

2. A small fee to ensure that you have thought this through
100% of this fee will later become a part of the deposit for the chosen kitten
Please be aware that this deposit is non-refundable.

Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to select kittens from our litters to improve our cattery, so not all kittens will be available for selection.

So how does the adoption process work?
1. You fill out our Waiting List form at https://forms.gle/R96NxT2VW5XVFeLUA, including the password for the e-transfer
2. You get an email confirmation with your selection
3. You send us an e-transfer with the Waiting List fee (250 CAD)
4. We send you a sample contract with the rights and responsibilities of Seller and Buyer
5. When the kitten that matches your preferences becomes available, we will send you the information about the kitten before the kitten will become available to the general public.

Please note that you will have 24 hours to reply to our email. Otherwise, the next person in line in our waiting list will be notified about this kitten.
You will keep your position in our waiting list for the next available kitten that matches your selection.

If, after being offered 4 different kittens that match your initial selection, you do not choose a kitten, your name will be removed from our waiting list.

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